VIP Ladies Hour
One hour of group riding instruction every Sunday from 10am to 11am, CONFIRMED RESERVATION REQUIRED, $25 pp (please call, text or email)

Thank you! :) 619-572-3087

Trainer - Client COURTESY Policy

A 24 hour advance notice to cancel is required once you commit to attending any training session. Inability to attend, cancelling on short notice or 'no showing' does result in the full session fee being due prior to attending any future sessions.

Thank you for your understanding.

We appreciate your business very much!

Texting is fast and easy and is greatly appreciated!

Teresa directly at for attending or cancelling: 619-572-3087

2. Standing Lesson: Every Sunday

Family owned and operated. Something for everyone; lesson for beginners to advanced: kids, adults, seniors; skills, confidence, joy! Bring your horse or use one of ours. Group lessons or private.

Menifee Meadows Equestrian Center

34221 Briggs Road, Menifee CA  92584


1. Standing Lesson: Every Friday

3. Standing Clinic: Please confirm

    Every 4th Saturday (may change)

​In the last 24 years, Teresa has worked: with over 35 different breeds; in 10 different disciplines; with over 1,000 horses...and counting.

Teresa Kackert, Founder


1. AQHA Professional Horseman  

2. CHA Certified Master Instructor  

3. CHA Certified Equine Facility Manager    

4. International Chris Irwin Natural Horsemanship Certified: Gold Riding / Gold Ground  

5. Richard Shrake 'Resistance Free' - Master Level

6. WITS Certified Personal Fitness Trainer  

7. CPR Current

VIP Ladies Hour
One hour of group riding instruction every Friday from 11am to 12 noon, CONFIRMED RESERVATION REQUIRED, $25 pp (please call, text or email)

Thank you! :) 619-572-3087

10am - 1pm $75pp
Confidence building, horse vice or respect issues, behaviors and horsemanship skills; appropriate challenges and skill building for all levels; horses & riders (mounted and 'in hand')

​CONFIRMED RESERVATION REQUIRED (please call, text or email). Thanks! :)

Soft Touch Horsemanship has been a lifelong pursuit of mine since I began working with horses over 24 years ago. A lifetime of learning, experiencing and implementing instruction from other Horse Masters and experts in the industry, I have devised my own successful version of Natural Horsemanship, Soft Touch Horsemanship. With my Soft Touch Horsemanship approach, I take great pride in presenting a revolutionary way of 'looking at' , 'thinking about' and 'communicating naturally' with every horse I work with. It is my goal to present and share that knowledge with my clients so they too can enjoy a safe, understandable, improved and rewarding experience with their horse. 

Natural Horsemanship is a life long pursuit. I learn something new every day. It is my pleasure to work with the unique skills and spirits of both the horse and rider client.

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Sharing knowledge and experience with both horse & rider for 24+ years, I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Certified, Professional Training - Your horse will know the difference